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Fulfill orders faster with Shopify Shipping

It’s no secret that customers have high expectations when it comes to their shipping experience. They want their order processed and products shipped as quickly as possible. Meeting these expectations is a challenge all entrepreneurs have to tackle, and as your business grows, fulfilling a high volume of orders can become an overwhelming task.

Streamlining order fulfillment can help you get orders out the door more quickly and accurately, which is key to your brand’s reputation and your ability to build a loyal customer base. That’s why we made improvements to the order management and label purchasing experience with Shopify Shipping, so you can spend less time managing orders and more on your growing business.

Customize your orders tab and get to work faster

Sorting through orders can be a daunting process, especially when you need to get many orders out the door, each with its own shipping and packaging requirements. To help speed up your fulfillment processes, you can now customize order views, including default ones. For example, you might want to change the default Unfulfilled view to include only orders you need to ship to customers, and create a separate view for local delivery and local pickup orders.


You’re also now able to show, hide, and reorder columns in your order index, so you only see the information that matters most. And column arrangements can be saved within each view, so your configurations are ready the next time you access your orders. 

Fulfill orders faster with one view to purchase shipping labels

Say goodbye to clicking on individual orders to purchase shipping labels! Now you can review and purchase multiple shipping labels in one single view, letting you quickly skim through your labels in one screen and make necessary tweaks before buying them. You can update details such as shipping addresses, package types, weights, and shipping services.

Update label details for multiple orders at once

When orders start piling up, preparing labels to ship your products can be a time-consuming process. Shopify Shipping lets you update, purchase, and print multiple shipping labels faster than ever before. 

Before you purchase your labels, you can now modify the package type, weight, shipping method, and service for several orders all at once. After applying changes in bulk, it only takes a few clicks to purchase and print your labels.

💡TIP: If you’re shipping from the US, you can bulk-purchase and print shipping labels for up to 50 orders at once.

Stay tuned as we introduce more features to help you fulfill faster and smarter, and please continue sharing feedback in the comments below.

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